New blog & new SE Mark holders in Brum

Dave Lane at iSE has (finally — his words not mine) launched a new blog covering all kinds of social enterprise and business support issues. Well done, Dave….and, er, not before time. You can read DiSE here.

This post congratulates two more Brum social enterprises that have just secured the Social Enterprise MarkSaheli in Balsall Heath, and Start Again CIC. Congratulations to them, too. The SE Mark has really taken off in Birmingham.

You can now search the SE Mark site for Mark holders by locality — here’s the Birmingham list. Are you on it? If not, get onto the folks at SE Mark and make sure you do come up in Birmingham search!

UPDATE 28/01/11: Vijay from the Saffron Centre has just emailed to say that when he checked the Centre wasn’t showing up in a Birmingham search using the SE Mark’s search engine — this has now been corrected. There apparently was a glitch in the geographical search and not all Birmingham holders of the Mark were being found — they are now and the list is impressive. Well spotted, Vijay.

  1. Pauline Roche Reply

    Yes, well done Dave – and the blog is interesting! I look forward to another regular read, alongside the brilliant BSSEC site.

  2. Dave Lane Reply

    I feel I must say thank you Alun for highlighting this, I hope I can match your quality and provide information and support that complements what you do…Dave

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