NCVO — supporting the sector during coronavirus crisis

NCVO’s chief executive Karl Wilding has just issued an interesting statement on the organisation’s blog regarding his plans for a “whatever it takes” approach to supporting the VCSE sector through the current coronavirus crisis.

The organisation has taken down all pay walls on its Knowhow website and all of its online content is now free to all to use — and NCVO has a huge library of templates, guidance and user-resources.

NVCO also wants to know how coronavirus is affecting you, your services and your organisations, and plans to use this information to strengthen its lobbying with government for specific commitments of financial support packages and other measures that will equal those for SMEs and business announced yesterday by the Chancellor.

You may think this is not relevant to you because you aren’t an NCVO member, but this may not be the case.

If you are a BVSC member then by default you are also an NCVO member by virtue of BVSC’s membership of the national body.

You can read Karl Wilding’s statement here.

→ You can tell NCVO how the current crisis is affecting your organisation by sending mail.

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