Myddfai, south-west Wales, reinvents itself as ‘herbal village’ co-op

Myddfai 9-12

Catching up with an unread Guardian (1st June), I came across this story (also covered in Wales Online). The small (400 people) village of Myddfai in Carmarthenshire, south-west Wales, has secured £400,000 from the BIG Lottery to establish a co-operative centre for herbal products and remedies. By specialising in niche herbal products, many grown locally, the village hopes to use a co-op model to help reverse its decline in much the same way that Hay-on-Wye has used books to rebrand itself as a literary centre.

During the medieval period Myddfai was famous throughout Europe for its local physicians who grew and administered herbal remedies. In recent years, local farmers have turned to herb-growing to help keep their farms going.

I wonder whether Myddfai might be looking for social enterprise distributors/retailers to sell their products in central England? It would be a great addition to someone’s business, and a great example of sector inter-trading. If I can find out anything further in the way of contact details I’ll post them here.

Photo: Myddfai, Penlantelych Farm, Sheep farmer now growing herbs. Courtesy photolibrarywales, used with permission.

  1. Caroline Hutton Reply

    At Martineau Gardens, we already sell a range of herbs amongst the rest of our plants grown at the Gardens.
    We could well be interested in co-operating with Myddfai, and making their plants available to the gardeners of Birmingham.

    • Alun Severn Reply

      Hi Caroline, I thought you might be interested. As I said in the post, I don’t have any other contact details but if I do manage to uncover any I’ll pass them on to you.

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