More on Finditinbirmingham

We’ve covered Finditinbirmingham in a previous post here. Finditinbirmingham — which is supported by Be Birmingham and Birmingham City Council — is helping Birmingham businesses find new customers and new markets. The ambitious thing about Finditinbirmingham is that it is intended for all business sectors, including social enterprises.

For a long time now we have been focused largely on the public sector as perhaps the key market for social enterprise. Are we marketing ourselves to other sectors as effectively as possible? Most social entrepreneurs I talk to recognise a growing need to diversify and are seeking new customers in the private sector and right across the third sector. Increasingly they are also looking to inter-trade with other social enterprises.  Finditinbirmingham offers another tool for putting yourself in front of potential customers. Like all such initiatives, success depends to a great degree on scale and numbers. The more businesses — including social enterprises — that register, the greater the benefits.

And Finditinbirmingham doesn’t only exist online. There are real-world networking opportunities and the first of its breakfast events is now rapidly approaching — this is a lesson in using social media on the 3rd June. It’s free to register and use Finditinbirmingham — what are you waiting for?

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