More news on access to finance

Further to this post, the access to finance scene — whether for social enterprises, small businesses or SMEs — is changing almost faster than anyone can realistically keep up with.

Over at ART, a new post on Steve Walker’s blog explores this and makes the key point that those looking for finance stand every chance of finding whatever offer has had most spent on its marketing, even if — as may well be the case — this is not the most economical option for them.

Maybe it was ever thus, and maybe it always will be, but just to show you how many other options are out there, here are two websites that Steve pointed me to this morning.

I have to admit to never having looked at either of them — and they are both extremely well done. They are:

Big Society Capital:  Yes, of course I knew about BSC, but what I didn’t know is that if you click the right-hand tab at the top of the homepage (‘Seeking investment’) and choose ‘Finding the right investment’ from the drop-down options, there’s a really good searchable directory of investment funds, grants and business support. Bookmark it — it’s useful.

And the other is Business Finance for You — equally well done. Try the Finance Finder search.

It’s worth knowing about these because there is probably a better chance that these sites will be kept up to date than many other smaller, less well resourced ones.

The post on Steve’s blog also links to two interesting recent articles of his in the Birmingham Post:

The banks’ appetite to lend to small businesses is very low

Time for education in the small business finance world.

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