Midland Mencap mass lobby against disability cuts

The further cuts proposed in Birmingham City Council’s 2017 budget — including cuts across all Supporting People services — will hit the most vulnerable groups in the city hard.

St Basils has said, “We absolutely understand the extremely difficult decisions that have to be made,” but the level of cuts proposed will have “a devastating and disproportionate impact on the most vulnerable, including people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, those experiencing domestic violence, people with mental health issues, people with learning disabilities, people with physical and sensory disabilities and vulnerable young people.”

Sign St Basils’ petition against the cuts

You can read the full details of  Birmingham City Council’s proposed  budget for 2017 and take part in the public consultation here. The consultation closes on the 18th January.

You can also send comments to Brian Carr, chief executive BVSC, for inclusion in BVSC’s sector response.

Meanwhile Midland Mencap is organising a mass public lobby against the cuts on Monday 16th January from 10.30am outside the Council House. DETAILS.

The bigger picture

It is perhaps not surprising that opposition to austerity and public spending cuts has fragmented into a myriad campaigns, each passionately defending particular services, localities or client groups. But in an excellent — and free — article called The Strange Death of Municipal England in the London  Review of Books, Tom Crewe argues that this fragmented view obscures the bigger picture. He says:

“What we really mean when we say that austerity has slashed the state…is that it has wrecked the ability of elected local authorities to provide and administer many of the features and functions of the state as we understand them.”

Essential reading.

 Update: See coverage of the Midland Mencap lobby at the Council House 16/01/17 — Charity Today, Midland Mencap (with video), Birmingham Mail.

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