Marketing for value-led organisations needs to be “Dynamic”

It isn’t often I get dragged out to glamourous networking events.

It isn’t all that often I get asked, to be honest — so yesterday evening I had to go over to the excellent Yumm Cafe at the Custard Factory to support the launch of Ranjit and Sian’s new venture Dynamic Marketing.

It isn’t every day that a new marketing and PR business aimed specifically at social enterprises, charities, CICs and socially responsible businesses starts up — so when one does come along, it deserves our support.

And true to form, social enterprises turned out in force to support them.

What I found most extraordinary was how well the event was supported by other PR and marketing specialists. I’m not sure this would be the case in the cut-throat world of conventional marketing, but the social enterprise sector is different. There is a goodwill towards new ventures, and a willingness to share knowledge and experience that still surprises me.

These are tough times, but Dynamic sets out with the trust and goodwill of an awful lot of Brum’s social enterprises and that’s a start that money can’t buy. Best wishes, Dynamic, and may you prosper.

The launch event was organised by Cloudberry and was flawless.


  1. Dave Lane Reply

    Alun, totally agree, it is a testament to social enterprises providing support to new ventures such as this. Like you I’ve not attended too many of SE Mentor events and it was good to catch up with old friends, best wishes go to Ranjit and Sian.

    • Alun Severn Reply

      OK, love-in over. Jesus, we’ll be holding group hugs next and going on a ‘journey’.

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