Mandy’s optics

Alright, I admit it in advance: this isn’t really about social enterprise. It was just irresistible. A piece in the Guardian yesterday reported that Peter Mandelson, secretary of state for business, gave an interview to The Economist in which he stated that the government’s new line on the need for public spending cuts did not constitute a U-turn; rather, it was a ‘change of optics’. The spirit of Sir Humphrey is not dead!

Of course, with so much of the market fuelled by public sector commissioning, spending cuts are likely to have a huge impact on social enterprise. But let’s leave that aside because there is a more important point. ‘We need to change the optic’ has unparalleled corporate cliche potential. It could become the new ‘big ask’, the new ‘going forward’. With some determined contributions it could even be the new ‘we are developing metrics for this’.

Rest assured, it will be coming soon to a meeting/conference/seminar by you.

The first person to report a sighting here will be rich in kudos if not cash prizes.

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