Make Someone’s Day — new movement for friendliness launches in Birmingham

Do you know that 37% of Birmingham residents aged over 65 live alone? And that almost half of all Birmingham residents (49%) say that their neighbours are strangers to them?

A new city-wide campaign — a movement for friendliness — is being launched to try and counter this drift towards social isolation and loneliness and it is called MAKE SOMEONE’S DAY.

The whole point about Make Someone’s Day is that it is about simple, achievable steps — a chat in the bus queue, a greeting and a bit of friendliness in the check-out line or while waiting for the train — these numerous small steps, magnified across the whole city, helping to create a new spirit of neighbourliness.

In every conversation…there’s an opportunity to make a difference  — Make Someone’s Day

You can find out more about Make Someone’s Day HERE or come along to the launch in Centenary Square at 2.30pm on Friday 20th March.

Come along to the launch. And if you would like a Make Someone’s Day campaign banner or other materials for circulation or display, please send mail to Elina Rosen at BVSC who has lots — and they are free!

Download the flyer (PDF).

→ Download the invitation (PDF).

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