Liverpool City Council pulls out of big society pilots

The BBC has just reported on its website that the Labour leader of Liverpool City Council, Cllr  Joe Anderson, has written to the PM stating that the authority can no longer support the big society initiative — Liverpool was chosen as one of four pilot big society areas — because public spending cuts make the big society concept impossible for Liverpool to implement.

Liverpool has lost over £100m in area-based grants. Cllr Anderson said to the PM, “How can the city council support the big society and its aim to help communities do more for themselves when we will have to cut the lifeline to hundreds of these vital and worthwhile groups?”

BBC story here.

  1. Tony Clabby Reply

    The big vol/com organisations like ACEVO AND NAVCA etc should do exactly the same as Liverpool City Council but I don’t suppose that is a likely course of action from SIR Stephen Blubb, SIR Stuart Ditherington et al.

  2. Alun Severn Reply

    Tony, That cheered up my Friday morning no end — like characters from a Restoration comedy. Are they original?

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