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Business planning

Business Plan Guide — an easy-to-use business plan template in MS Word.

 Business Planning Guide to developing a social enterprise — aimed particularly at voluntary and community organisations that are considering developing social enterprise activities. Produced by Forth Sector Development.

 Handy guide to legal structures — it compares the characteristics (legal, tax, flexibility, distribution of profits etc) of the various legal structures that social enterprises and other not-for-personal-profit enterprises can adopt. Produced by Anthony Collins Solicitors.

Developing a social enterprise

Our four-part Developing a Social Enterprise resource pack is for those that wish to set up a social enterprise, but have little or no experience of business development.

 Part 1 – Are you ready for enterprise?

 Part 2 – Producing a business plan

 Part 3 – Creating a marketing strategy and plan

 Part 4 – Balancing principles and profit

 Start your social enterprise — Social Enterprise UK’s practical guide to starting a social enterprise, taken from ‘Your Chance to Change the World’, by social entrepreneur Craig Dearden-Phillips.

Finance for social enterprise

 Download our Finance for Social Enterprise guide, prepared by ART, one of the longest-established community finance institutions in the country.

Guide to business advice

 Business advice 2017.


 Telling tales: A practical toolkit on measuring and communicating your impact. Produced by brap.

The New Economics Foundation (nef) has been at t he forefront of developing Social Return on Investment techniques for measuring, assessing and attributing a financial value to the social outcomes of businesses, projects or other kinds of interventions. See nef’s SROI resources.

There are many other SROI practitioners and consultants out there, however, including The SROI Network and, locally, Harris & Harris Accountancy.

Partnership working

 Building Your Cluster – A guide to working in partnership and best practice in joint working, covering leadership and governance, roles and effective communication. Features ideas for group development and checklists. Produced by iSE.

Policy briefings

BSSEC’s periodic briefing papers on key policy issues of importance to the social enterprise sector:

 The Community Right to Challenge: A guide for social enterprises and third sector organisations

 Social enterprise and the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012: A policy briefing for social enterprises and third sector organisations.

 Social enterprise and Public Service Reform: A guide for public sector workers, social enterprises and third sector organisations

Promoting your social enterprise

Our six-part  Promoting Your Enterprise  resource pack is for social enterprises that want to improve the effectiveness of their promotional activities:

 Part 1 – Getting started

 Part 2 – Defining your market

 Part 3 – Writing press releases

 Part 4 – Creating leaflets and brochures

 Part 5 – Producing a newsletter

 Part 6 – Creating website content

Understanding social enterprise

Social Enterprise UK publications

 Frequently Asked Questions about social enterprise

 Social enterprise explained – for beginners, wonderers and people with ideas, big and small

 What makes a social enterprise a social enterprise?