Labour will focus on ‘social finance’ as primary means of funding social enterprise

An interesting snippet on Third Sector Online today about Labour’s upcoming civil society policy review.

According to shadow civil society minister Roberta Blackman-Woods, while there might be growing anger at the way cuts are affecting the sector and impeding any meaningful implementation of Big Society plans, Labour can’t simply harp on about there being a lack of funding. “We need to talk about what kind of social finance we want to see,” she told a recent NCVO gathering.

For this reason, the next stage of Labour’s civil society review will focus on social finance and in particular on the kinds of social finance that social enterprises and mutuals need.

Labour’s civil society sub-group is led by Tessa Jowell and Roberta Blackman-Woods and apparently is keen to hear from sector organisations regarding the kind of priorities for civil society policy Labour should be adopting. This is mentioned here but there’s no indication about how one should get in touch….

If I find out more I’ll post details.

  1. Sue Gazey Reply

    Hi Alan

    Talk about stables and doors. Any way if by social finance they mean loans that’s a waste of time isn’t it. What we need as social enterprises is a simplified process in order to engage with the statutory sector and more of a commitment to give us a chance to get contracts and more of a realistic unit cost to be applied to services. In our case we went for and won an opportunity to provide weight management services to a PCT but they based their costings on a well known international weight loss company that makes most of its money through selling products not long term solutions. Just to put it in to perspective their new weight loss service cost about £24 million in a relaunch and marketing. I am only after about 1% of that to be really successful financially!!How do you ever get into that market? Any way onwards and upwards. Sue

  2. Alun Severn Reply

    Hi Sue, You’re right, of course, and the weight management example really brings it home. Labour is effectively saying that it doesn’t have any better or different ideas to the Conservatives… BUt then that has been evident for some time….

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