Labour manifesto pledges ‘social enterprise hubs in every community’

Labour’s manifesto may not offer any new policies on the third sector, as Third Sector Online notes today, but it does pledge:

  • More support for third sector organisations bidding for public service contracts
  • Commitment to developing the long-trailed Social Investment Bank
  • An extension of the ‘right to request’ legislation currently operating in the health sector (under which workers can request that a service or department business case be properly assessed for conversion to social enterprise delivery)
  • A new commitment to ‘mutualism’, with initiatives such as ‘community shares’ used to enable the conversion of local assets — shops, pubs, football clubs and children’s centres — being converted to community-owned co-ops

Perhaps most interestingly — because there is no explanation about what this might in practise — the manifesto also says that New Labour will support the formation of ‘social enterprise Hubs’ in every community as a means of ensuring that more social enterprises ‘get off the ground’.

  1. tony kemshall Reply

    I like the “pledges”.. but currently there is a real lack of pro-active response from the majority of councils and other large public bodies
    if local councils are to become further empowered as procurement gatekeepers
    if they are not leading strongly from the front….
    optimism does not run rampant.

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