Share your memories of John Taylor Hospice

John Taylor Hospice, the UK’s only social enterprise hospice, has just launched an appeal for stories, reminiscences and memories from people who have some prior connection with the hospice.

For more than 100 years JTH has helped and supported thousands of families and employed hundreds of staff. And as the oldest non-denominational hospice in the country, it is in a special position to chart the history of the hospice movement — by collecting stories from people it has cared for and people who have worked for the organisation.

Maybe you remember visiting a grandparent at the hospice as a young child in the fifties. Perhaps you even nursed there in the sixties or seventies. Or perhaps a loved one was cared for by JTH’s community teams when they were newly established in the eighties.

Whatever your memories, JTH would love to hear them and share them on the special living history page of its website.

If you have a memory you would like to share please email it to JHT.

You can read more about the project HERE.

You can watch two short films HERE featuring the vivid recollections of Pat Seickell, who was a community liaison sister at JTH in the 70s and 80s, and Part Murr, now in her 90s, who was a nurse at the hospice in the 1950s.

(L) Pat Murr, 90, and (R) Pat Seickell, 79. Both served as nurses at what was then known as the Taylor Memorial Home



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