John Taylor Hospice — can you help reunite a family with gallantry medals that may have been donated by accident?

John Taylor Hospice, the UK’s first social enterprise hospice, has been covered extensively on this blog, but today’s story is rather different to the sort of thing we normally cover.

The hospice is asking for help in an unusual cause. A recent donation to its Castle Bromwich shop included a number of Second World War gallantry medals and the hospice wants to make sure that this was intentional. Rachael, the shop manager, says: “We’re hoping someone can help us make sure that these medals were an intended donation. We would love to hear from the gentleman who brought in the donation or another close family member so we can check and either return the medals or thank them.”

The medals were amongst items taken into the JTH shop in Timberley Lane on Saturday 8th August by a man who made no mention of the donation including medals.

Read the full story on the JTH blog and if by any chance this rings bells with you and you think you may know the donor of these items you can contact the shop manager Rachael on 0121 728 6763 (Mon-Fri 10am-4pm) or speak to the hospice media team on 07551 125358.

UPDATE 24th August 2020: The widespread coverage of this story on websites, blogs such as ours and other social media platforms led to local TV and radio news features and family members have now come forward and John Taylor Hospice is in the process of reuniting the family with the medals. Read more here.  Further update 19th October 2020: the medals, originally awarded to Mr Jim Hoverd have now been reunited with the family — read the full story here.

The medals found in a donation made to the John Taylor Hospice shop in Castle Bromwich on the 8th August

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