Jericho Foundation steps up work to support victims of trafficking

jericho_-_supporting_people_to_become_fulfilled_and_employedIn response to the mounting crisis in human trafficking, The Jericho Foundation has in recent years stepped up its work in this area. Referrals of individuals who have experienced trafficking or modern slavery to the National referral Mechanism have trebled since 2013.

Being rescued and moved into a safe house is only the beginning for a survivor of human trafficking. Over 30% of survivors originate from inside the EU and are therefore technically EU migrants. Unless they secure special leave to remain, they have no recourse to public benefits when their 45 days in a safe house ends and can be vulnerable to re-trafficking, homelessness, crime, drug/alcohol abuse and mental health problems.

Finding paid, sustainable employment in the UK is critical for these individuals. Even those who have been trafficked can claim only three months’ Job Seekers Allowance and for most this is nowhere near long enough to learn sufficient English, gain confidence in the workplace and recover from the trauma of exploitation. And in any case a significant gap exists in the provision of work placement opportunities in Birmingham for victims of human trafficking and indeed for all disadvantaged groups.

The Jericho Foundation is seeking to fill this gap by providing a work experience programme specifically for victims of human trafficking.

You can help support this work. You can read more about what Jericho does and the resources it needs to be able to do this work here.

You can donate specifically to support Jericho’s work for victims of trafficking here.

You can find out more about the social enterprises The Jericho Foundation runs that help provide some of this workplace support here.

But most importantly, you can read the story of ‘M’, a Czech national trafficked into the UK in 2010. ‘M’ experienced exploitation, forced labour and inadequate diet for over three years. ‘M’ is now safely housed and is working in one of Jericho’s social enterprises. Read it here (Jericho) and here (BVSC).

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