Jazz, Russian classics, great coffee, homemade cake — St Barnabas has it all

St Barnabas Church Centre (which I have written about before on this blog) really does have something for everyone, you know.

As well as forthcoming music from the Russian classics — Borodin, Glazunov and Tchaikovsky — the cafe also hosts a latin-flavoured jazz trio on the last Friday of every month called Rhythm and Bone, led by Clive the Slide.

Sadly, we missed this month’s trio gig but forthcoming dates, all Fridays, are 30th May; 27th June; 25th July; 26th Sept; 31st Oct; and 28th Nov. All from about 11.30am-ish to 1.30pm-ish (timings are approximate as jazz musicians have a notoriously weak grasp of conventional time but a brilliant grasp of  swing time.)

And the Russian classics concert is below — bookings and more information over on the Sutton Orchestra website.

Click the graphic for info & bookings

Click the graphic for info & bookings

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