It’s another ‘shortlisted for’ story…

And this time we hope it will become an English-winner-story rather than a shortlisted story — Roots HR has just found out (after reading the Social Enterprise Coalition’s announcement here) that the business has been shortlisted for Social Enterprise Mark Holder of the Year. Congratulations (again) to Jan and the team.

  1. Jan Golding Reply

    Thank you very much Alun. The Mark is so important to us; as you know we were dismissed as “just another trading company” when we started by one of the most prominent third sector magazines but you know what, it just made me work harder. I am absolutely determined to show that support services for the sector we work in can be provided affordably and in a way that attracts and engages the sector. From day 1, we have operated with the same overheads as any other organisation…and at the same time, provide great value, top quality, tailored services and reinvest our trading surpluses in the ways our stakeholders tell us they want us to. I believe that this model can work for all subcontracted support services for the sector.

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