iSE’s first ‘pitch your wares’ event sets trend for the future

Yesterday we held a first for us at iSE — a pitching and networking event for social enterprises to come along and tell others why they should buy their products and services.

Each person had three minutes to tell their story and then feedback was invited from those assembled on what they had heard.

People brought along samples for tasting, touching and sharing and there was a tremendous energy and buzz from all concerned. We have already been asked to do a repeat which we are keen to support and nearly 30 people attended!

One participant, Martin Hogg, said, “Today’s networking was fantastic. A real spirit of support in the room and great to hear what others are doing. You and Lizzie really have created a distinctive showcase event that people loved.”

I think there’s real potential in developing these kind of business-based, inter-trading type events, and we intend to continue doing this under the Shop for Change banner. There’s a real appetite amongst social enterprises to pitch their wares and explain what they do — and perhaps more importantly their prospective customers want to hear what they do too!

  1. Charles Rapson Reply

    It really was a good event with some very positive feedback and interest in what we were selling. What would have put icing on the cake would have been to have some commissioners from councils and private sector buyers. Easier said than done I know but well done to i-SE – plus we all got to see Martin dance.

  2. Pauline Roche Reply

    RnR Organisation also enjoyed the opportunity to tell colleagues, old friends and new, what we have done, what we can do, what we will be doing in the coming months. As Charles says above, it would be good to get some commissioners at these events – we have some ideas about how to make this happen so let’s talk more!

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