Hey, tweeters — help Nick Hurd out

I’ve just noticed (from Pauline Roche’s LinkedIn feed) that civil society minister Nick Hurd is tweeting about SE business support. He wants to hear from “people who know what they’re talking about”.

He asks (amongst other things):

  • What would a really effective network of support for SE start-ups look like?
  • Do the mainstream business support networks add any value to SE start-ups?
  • Looking for really brilliant examples of SE business support preferably led by social entrepreneurs…

Who knows — I may even break my own self-imposed Twitter embargo to reply….

In fact, I’m writing something even as we speak, but it probably won’t be tweeted — that would be a step too far…

UPDATE 01/02/12: You can read what I said here.

  1. Susan Barter Reply

    Just send him a photograph, Alun!!!

    • Alun Severn Reply

      Too kind, Susan. And he might not take it as I think you intend it… I’d hate Mr Hurd to get the wrong idea.

  2. Lesha Rinkenberger Reply

    I must agree! BTW this blog is the best!

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