Health Exchange promotes benefits of easiest & cheapest exercise – walking

Health Exchange’s B Active programme is seeing new community-based walking groups springing up in Kings Norton.

Over fifty local people are now involved in the walking groups and what they have to say is testimony to the companionship and health benefits to be gained from these simple, informal walks.

One group member has said: “This walking has literally changed my life. As well as becoming healthier and happier through the exercise, I’m a changed person – much more confident – and I really enjoy seeing the change in other people’s health.”

The aim is to give people a gentle introduction to physical activity or maybe an additional chance to get some exercise in a warm, friendly social setting — that and a chance to explore parts of their own area that they may not have seen before. It’s really surprising how green Birmingham is when you start going off the beaten track!

For more information go to the Health Exchange website here


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