Harness the power of smart phone tech to make better videos — watch the workshop replay

Image: courtesy BVSC

I wrote in a recent post about a free online workshop on smart phone video production skills being offered by Ruth Duggal of Make Your Own Video Training Academy (MYO VDO) in conjunction with BVSC. That webinar took place on 20th January but you can still view the recording here (on YouTube). In a brisk 57 minutes Ruth covers a fantastic amount:

  • Why video is such an effective method of communication.
  • What is a “well-made” video?
  • How and why you should be “authentic”.
  • Video and the “trust factor”.
  • Building a viewer profile.
  • Common barriers to make-your-own video production and how to overcome them.
  • Video as part of a communications strategy.
  • Storyboards and how to use them.
  • Gaining confidence and overcoming camera shyness.
  • The 5 Ps of presenting.
  • DIY vs call-in-the-professionals.
  • Equipment — what you need and (more importantly) what you don’t need…


… And more.

There are also download links to free templates — such as analysing your viewer profile and 50 types of video you can make.

If you didn’t manage to catch the webinar then tune-in for a complete replay. I must say, video is a complete mystery to me and I found this an hour well-spent.

Watch the webinar recording

Ruth Duggal and the MYO VDO academy

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