Govt puts up new website for ‘set up a social enterprise’

The government is in the process of replacing the old Business Link online resources with new pages for a range of business topics.

I’ve just been notified that there is a new page called Set up a social enterprise.

I’ll be honest — it really is bargain-basement stuff.

There are links to the CIC website and to Co-operativesUK but precious little else. If you are looking there for ideas about where to go next, then do also look at Social Enterprise UK, Social Enterprise West Midlands, and our own guide to available business support.

You can also download our own four-part guide to Developing a social enterprise and our six-part guide Promoting your enterprise. These are free to download and keep for ever and ever, as the BBC says sometimes about its podcasts…

Please note that the locations of some of these BSSEC resources will shortly change as we are about to have a first major overhaul of the website in years, having secured Awards for All resources to help pay for this.


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