Government consults on infrastructure support for civil society & social enterprises

Just hours after announcing the closure of the Capacitybuilders programme and the Commission for  the Compact, third sector minister Nick Hurd has announced a new strategy for strengthening the voluntary and social enterprise sector, Building a Stronger Civil Society: A Strategy for Voluntary & Community Groups, Charities and Social Enterprises and a new consultation document on infrastructure support, Supporting a Stronger Civil Society: An Office for Civil Society Consultation on Improving Support for Frontline Civil Society Organisations.

Please note that the OCS link for the first document is currently broken. The easiest route to finding these papers (the Cabinet Office website is almost impossible to find anything on) is to download both from the Volunteering England website here.

Third Sector online covers the news here.

Please note that unless my eyes are a lot weaker than usual, it appears that the OCS has published the consultation document without the annexes mentioned in the context which include response dates for the ten questions set out — and there are apparently two different dates.

Update — closing date for responses to the consultation is 6th Jan 2011.

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