“Gerrymandering social enterprise”

There are people…who are trying ever so hard to ‘gerrymander’ the word Social – separate it from the word enterprise, better still kill it off altogether…

There’s a very interesting and provocative piece over on the Can Cook — The Food Campaign blog about ‘progress’ in the social investment/social finance movement.

It’s by Robbie Davison of Can Cook CIC… And a fan of current social investment models and the stranglehold ex-investment bankers have on the sector he most definitely isn’t.

Robbie takes good healthy swipes at “Profit with Purpose Vehicles”, Trust Engines and a range of “current thinkers” he profoundly disagrees with.

If you have ever wondered just how much market research this new finance sector was based on, Robbie will tell you (zilch).

If you have ever wondered why the social finance sector seems to be made up of “butchers” who are trying to sell meat to people who really want fish (and that’s the analogy drawn by one of Davison’s contacts in the social finance sector), Robbie will tell you.

The piece is perhaps just a little too long, but the analysis is sound and frankly it makes a pleasant change to read an impassioned critique that doesn’t pull its punches or worry over much about who it might offend.

Thoroughly enjoyable. More please.



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