Drinking water — Midomo works a charm

Just over nine months ago, in this post, I wrote about the Midomo bracelet, a designer silver charm bracelet which through terrific marketing and some clever technology is being used to fund the provision of a brilliantly clever but simple water purifier in developing countries. The Midomo water purifier filters water to drinking standard simply through the motion of wheeling it along. Fetch water that may be unfit for drinking, wheel it back to the village and it arrives safe and ready-filtered. 3,500,000 people a year die from water related disease.

Well, I’ve just had an email from Sophie Orbaum, one of the folks at Red Button Design (the social enterprise behind the Midomo purifier), saying that as a result of widespread support and promotion on blogs like this the first purifiers are now being deployed in Eastern Kenya. There’s news on the initiative here and great pictures on Facebook here.

I don’t know about you, but after the past week it feels great to hear some good news for a change. It goes to show what can be achieved when a good idea is well-executed, backed up with smart marketing, good PR…and the right investment. There’s a lesson there. (There’s an article about Midomo and Red Button Design from a recent issue of Elevator magazine, a journal about philanthropy capital, here.)

If you want to know more about Red Button Design visit the website. Alternatively, email sophie <at> thisisredbutton <dot> co <dot> uk — I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.

Oh, and by way of a bonus, click here to hear another track from the great Henri Texier’s band the Strada Sextet — Valse a l’eau from Water Alert. Melancholy and gorgeous with marvellous showcase solos from just about everyone [this uses Apple’s Cloud service and requires no download or registration].

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