Conferences at BVSC — new website launched

BVSC has today launched its new Conferences at BVSC website.

As well as information on pricing, catering options and special offers and discounts, the website also enables customer feedback and reviews for the first time.

Many perhaps don’t realise the degree to which infrastructure support in Birmingham is underpinned by revenue from BVSC’s trading arm. BVSC Enterprises — of which the conference service is part — invests all  its profits in BVSC’s charitable work, enabling important support services for volunteers and voluntary groups to remain free at the point of delivery.

Self-generated income  also helps maintain independence — which, as many charities have recognised, is increasingly important in the current climate.

Find out more about BVSC’s conference, catering events management service here.

BVSC -- meeting and networking space

BVSC — meeting and networking space

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