Colebridge Enterprises reaches 4m motor parts packed and boxed

Some of you may remember that a couple of years ago elsewhere on the website we featured Colebridge Enterprises — in particular the huge changes in direction that had happened there under Charles Rapson’s entrepreneurial guidance and Colebridge’s entry into the automotive parts packaging market.

Well, things have not stood still since then — I’ve just had this urgent email from Charles:

I’ve just being going through the numbers we record each week (our KPI’s).

We have now passed the 4 MILLION mark on the number of car parts we have stuck labels on, folded, taped and stuck in boxes since we started this roller coaster ride at Colebridge Enterprises just over 2 years ago. And there is another 20,000 or so waiting for our brilliant workers to get stuck into on Monday.

Blood, sweat, tears, laughter, stress, frustration, joy, bad singing and hefty sugar rations were all involved.

Shedding another little tear as I type.

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Charles Rapson
Colebridge Enterprises Ltd.

Charles in my experience is not easily moved to tears, so this must be significant news! Congratulations to everyone involved.


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