CLG launches consultation on new ‘minimal, light touch’ statutory guidance on Best Value

The department for Communities & Local Government has today published new draft statutory guidance for local authorities and Best Value. The implications of this new guidance are wide-ranging.

The new guidance will free local authorities from previous duties contained in Creating Strong, Safe & Prosperous Communities — it is proposed that the ‘duty to involve’ (i.e. to consult local people, businesses and organisations prior to taking action) and the duty to produce a sustainable community strategy will be revoked. The former (if I understand the guidance correctly) will be replaced with a requirement to consult all key parties right the way through the service commissioning — and decommissioning — process. Authorities may also be subject to judicial review should they be found to be passing disproportionate cuts on to third sector organisations.

The consultation is open until 14th June 2011.

Third Sector online covers the story here; the consultation document can be downloaded here from the CLG website.

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