brap brap create a majority Black space and anti-racist bootcamp!

What’s the boot camp all about?

brap are creating a majority Black space, into which white participants will be welcomed but where they will not be centred. Together people will explore how to use our power to resist and disrupt systemic racism.

This will be an actively anti-racist place for learning and replenishing where we can be alive to the dynamics of racism in ourselves, in our relationships, and in the systems where we work, in service of racial justice.

Why another anti-racist boot camp?

After two years of heightened attention to racism, how much has changed?

Many of us celebrate the fact that more organisations and people than ever are getting involved. But we fear that these conversations, this ‘listening and learning’, has not – and will not – deliver the change we need.

This boot camp offers a three-day retreat for anti-racist practitioners and activists, to reconnect to your purpose and sharpen your practice. We will support you to enhance your power to target not just symptoms, but causes, to dismantle the structures, ideologies and ways of thinking that keep racism in place.

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