Can you help create a five-acre forest garden?

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Forest of Hearts is a new charitable social enterprise (a CIO) creating a five-acre forest garden close to the site of the former Snitterfield WWII RAF training camp, in Warwickshire, three miles from Stratford.

Forest gardens build on centuries-old methods of woodland husbandry to preserve and develop local eco-systems, creating gardens of purpose (food production, environmental sustainability, bio-diversity) and pleasure (beautiful spaces for contemplation and enjoyment).

Forest of Hearts’ aim is to create a five-acre forest garden with over 100 species of edible plants, shrubs and trees, over a hundred fruit tree guild gardens (planting multiple crops in a defined space to create a polyculture), ten kilometres of of accessible paths, a thousand trees and a thousand metres of hedgerow.

The project will require thousands of volunteer-hours and as well as its social and environmental benefits will offer apprenticeship placements in a range of woodland skills.

When complete the layout will resemble the internal mechanism of a traditionally-made watch.

To find out more or to sponsor, volunteer or get involved in other ways send mail to Carole Longden.

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