Cabinet Office publishes plan for growing the social investment market

I haven’t yet had chance to read Growing the Social Investment Market: A Vision and Strategy but I have been told (by someone who ought to know) that anyone wanting to understand the government’s plans for social investment — including the Big Society Bank — should read the report just published by the Cabinet Office.

Click the image to download the PDF.

I was told that it was remarkably free of empty spin — as soon as I can get round to reading it properly, perhaps I shall be able to post further comments.

UPDATE — Alun Severn: There is interesting commentary on this on Footprint Associates’ blog here. Chris Newis, writing for footprint, is right I think in identifying the Big Society Bank model as heralding a sea-change in how the sector is ‘resourced’. My take on it is this. Whereas New Labour sought to develop what could probably most accurately be termed a ‘social marketplace’ in the third sector, the coalition seeks to unleash laissez-faire ‘social capitalism’, with — as Chris says — competition for both contracts and financing capital. It’s about completely re-engineering the sector in favour of market forces.

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