BSSEC response to Office for Civil Society consultation on infrastructure support

Further to this post, BSSEC is working on a formal response to the OCS consultation paper. We think it important to do this from a strong social enterprise perspective because SE support issues are not especially well reflected in the OCS paper.

If there are views that you would like us to try and include in the response, here’s what to do. Download our response here and, if you don’t already have it, download the OCS consultation document here.

If there are areas you feel we can expand on or strengthen, send me an email of your comments (noting the number of the question these relate to).

Please send comments by close of business on TUESDAY 4th JANUARY 2011. Our response will then be amended and sent to OCS by the deadline of the 6th January. My email address appears in the address header of the cover letter on p.1 of the response.

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