BSSEC CIC: Celebrating Social Enterprise Day 2022

Why is it important to have a Social Enterprise Day?

In fact, we have a global Social Enterprise Day on the 17th November where, not only in the UK but across the world, individuals and organisations will be celebrating the power of social enterprise in tackling social, economic and environmental issues. It’s a day to promote the sector, it’s business model, the impact it’s having and tell the stories which are so important to helping the broader population to understand why social enterprise provides such great solutions at a time of huge economic crisis and social deprivation.

Love Cocoa by James Cadbury

Social entrepreneurs have a tough role, they need to be business people understanding their market, operation and finances but they also need to have a huge commitment to the social value they create balancing what are sometimes conflicting needs. They are amazing dedicated people!

The sector continues to grow with more social businesses starting every day, their leaders are choosing to reinvest profits to address social issues therefore creating businesses that do good. We need these businesses that are not seeking to maximise profits for shareholders but rather consider how they can make a different in communities or more broadly in society.

In Birmingham and Solihull, there are close to 1000 social enterprises delivering services and products to the public, private and the broader third sector and to individuals and residents. There are social enterprise companies providing most of what anyone might need from nursery provision to funeral services, supermarkets and water. Social Enterprise Day gives us all an opportunity to reflect on our own buying whether through work or personally.

At BSSEC CIC, we challenge you to Buy Social and buy more from social enterprises. I’ve already done most of my Christmas Shopping buying from social enterprises in England, Scotland and Wales!

Here’s a few social enterprise places to get started on your Christmas shopping…

     ♥ Social Enterprise UK Christmas Gift Guide 2022

     ♥ eBay for Change

     ♥ Social Enterprise UK shop sustainably

     ♥ The Good Store

     ♥ The Social Supermarket

Happy Social Enterprise Day!

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