Brilliant technique, brilliant explanation — the crises of capitalism

My attention has just been drawn to a short talk by the radical sociologist David Harvey. It’s a broadly marxist explanation of the current economic crisis called The Crises of Capitalism and can be viewed on YouTube here.

Now, don’t all rush for the exits at once. The reason I mention this is not just for the lucidity of its content but also for the technique — called ‘scribing’ — used to convey it. Imagine having your talk translated into incisive, funny, elegant cartoons and graphics as you speak… Well, that’s what happens. It’s one of those brilliantly simple ideas that takes longer to explain than it does to watch.

The technique, as far as it’s possible to tell — neither the short film itself not the RSA website which hosts that one and other examples credits the producers — is developed by a company called Cognitive Media.

I guarantee it is impossible to watch it and remain unimpressed.

Who will be first to use it in Birmingham?

  1. Pauline Roche Reply

    Hi Alun

    There was something like this at a Be Bham Total Place event I attended a few months ago and I have seen it elsewhere in Brum – at a statutory sector event I think.

    I did look at this one however and enjoyed it! Thanks.


    • Alun Severn Reply

      Pauline, Tony — Well, you live and learn. Tony, just out of interest, what was the ‘product’ from the event you were part of? I ask because the Harvey talk is clearly a sort of modified podcast — the talk recorded, edited and then speech and drawings paced together so that they match — after the event. How was your thing done?

  2. Tony Clabby Reply

    Alun, I agree it is an excellent technique but I have to tell you that it has already been used in Birmingham. I attended 2 days of Voice facilitator training last week, organised by Karen Cheney BCC, where it was used and I know that BeBirmingham used it on an awayday quite some time ago.

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