Breaking news update….death knell for Brum’s CAB network?

In an update to this post….

Birmingham CAB chief exec has announced that with the loss of funding from Birmingham City Council — which has withdrawn some £600K on the grounds that its own advice centres can provide this service — it is likely that all five CAB centres in Birmingham will close.  CEO Yvonne Davies explains in an interview with Third Sector Online that the local authority’s funding is “the spine” which enables them to lever in a further £2.4m in order to provide a free advice service to Birmingham’s citizens.

The second city without a CAB — now that would be an extraordinary way of encouraging volunteering, self-help and the big society….

UPDATE: Opposition to this decision is mounting — sign the online petition here. Over 800 already have — have you?

  1. Simon Lee Reply

    And this at a time where the poorest are likely to be hardest hit, and people might most need debt and other advice that the CAB provides.

    • Pauline Geoghegan Reply

      Please follow savebhamecab on twitter and lobby Bham City Council to look again at this decision

  2. Martin Hogg Reply

    This is an outrageous move. CAB provide a ‘second to none’ service delivered by dedicated volunteers and paid staff. Looks lime the council is preserving it’s jobs at the expense of the service the most vulnerable people in society require.

  3. Pauline Geoghegan Reply

    Scandalous attack on the most vulnerable, follow savebhamcab on twitter.

    Gisela Stuart MP described this move to withdraw £600,000 funding as appalling news and Roger Godsiff says it’s criminally insane.

    CRIMINALLY INSANE – Thought for the day

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