Birmingham Social Enterprise City — what can you and your enterprise do?

Outside of London, Birmingham has the greatest single concentration of social enterprises. Now, building on our success in establishing the Digbeth Social Enterprise Quarter, social enterprises in Birmingham have set their sights even higher and have now secured SEUK’s official recognition of Birmingham Social Enterprise City. We celebrated this at the grand closing ceremony of City Drive 2018.

There will be a grand launch of Birmingham Social Enterprise City on the 15th November 2018, but as we move towards that date we now need to do more to begin to realise the ambitious plans the partnership has set out for Birmingham Social Enterprise City.

The action plan for  Birmingham Social Enterprise City has FOUR KEY AIMS:

(1) To ensure that Birmingham Social Enterprise City is widely acknowledged and widely understood amongst mainstream media, public and business community.

(2) To co-ordinate and increase support for social enterprise start-up and sector growth.

(3) To build a new alliance for social change and community benefit across the whole of the social economy — social enterprises, ethical businesses, trading third sector, social mission businesses and the private sector.

(4) To stimulate employment and training opportunities especially for young people in social enterprises in Birmingham.

Under iSE’s leadership a steering group has been set up but more active members and more active social enterprises that want to be part of driving forward Birmingham Social Enterprise City are urgently needed.

Birmingham Social Enterprise City won’t happen just because we say it will. It must be a collective endeavour with as many social enterprises as possible making a contribution wherever they feel able.

Here are some ways you and your enterprise could get involved:

» There will be rolling campaigns to promote Birmingham Social Enterprise City (Aim 1). Perhaps you and a group of like-minded enterprises can lead on an activity?

» Clusters of social enterprises will be encouraged to work collectively to focus outcomes and impact on specific social needs or problems (Aim 2). Perhaps you can take a lead in a cluster you belong to?

» The Birmingham Social Enterprise City steering group should form the basis for a much wider and more active and campaigning alliance for social change and community benefit (Aim 3). How? Who has vital new ideas for achieving this?

» And there are plans for events to promote working in social enterprises — especially targeting young people (Aim 4). Perhaps this is core to your enterprise’s work and values and you can lead on an early campaign?

Download the action plan and have a look to see where your social enterprise can make a contribution.

Please send offers, ideas and pledges of support to Sarah Crawley — SEND MAIL.

Watch this space for further news of Birmingham Social Enterprise City.

Birmingham UK. Freelance research, evaluation and policy consultant specialising in social enterprise and the third sector. I maintain the BSSEC blog and website
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