Birmingham City Council revises Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility and supporting policies

Birmingham City Council has made some recent changes to its Social Value Policy, The Living Wage Policy and the Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility (BBC4SR).

The details (and downloads) can all be found on the ‘guidance’ page of the Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility website.

The BBC4SR was initially designed to help boost the local economy by supporting the local supply chain, creating job opportunities and ensuring employees are paid fairly.

The Living Wage, published by The Living Wage Foundation, will be increasing this month by 20p an hour to £8.45 per hour.

Main changes to the BBC4SR include renaming the principle ‘Buy Birmingham First’ to ‘Buy Local’ and introducing a tiered approach to applying the charter. This is aimed at ensuring that the Council is maximising efficiencies both for itself and for businesses.

The Social Value policy has been revised to bring it into closer alignment with the Charter and now includes details about the three tiers (by value) in how charter principles are applied to contract value/suppliers.



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