Birmingham City Council ‘invites’ school support staff to set up co-op

Iron Angle in the Birmingham Post has a quite extraordinary story here which suggests that around 4,000 council staff are being encouraged to start a co-op:

More than 4,000 staff, mainly low-paid women, are to be invited to set up their own workers’ co-operative in an attempt to challenge the private sector in the apparently cut-throat business of providing school meals, cleaning classrooms, caretaking, music lessons and outdoor learning activities.

If anyone knows more about this please comment here. Co-operativesUK would also very much like to know more. However hard it might be to make such a thing work, the staff involved are quite unlikely to have any other options left open to them and will need all the help they can get.

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    We are following this up as we have some resource through the Co-op Enterprise Hub to support this sort of activity.

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