BIG Lottery is seeking your views on its future investment in capacity-building

BASIS funding is nearing its end, bids to the government’s Transforming Local Infrastructure Fund are currently being assessed, and earlier this year BIG Lottery published New tools for a new world: Why we need to rethink capacity-building, a major research paper by Diana Leat, Director of the Creative Philanthropy Programme at Carnegie UK Trust.

Everyone knows that capacity-building and infrastructure support face critical problems at the present and that big changes are on the way.

Confirmation of this arrives in no uncertain fashion with the announcement that the BIG Lottery is launching an important consultation exercise seeking the views of voluntary organisations and social enterprises regarding BIG’s future investment in capacity-building.

However, BIG has pledged that it will match the government’s £30m Transforming Local Infrastructure Fund with a further £20m. This consultation will be instrumental in shaping the purposes to which that extra — and final? — money for infrastructure support is applied.

You have until 15th March 2012 to participate in his consultation.

Click on the graphic to visit the BIG Lottery consultation website. There’s a discussion paper to download and a link to an online survey form.

UPDATE 03/02/12: BSSEC has produced a response to this consultation. Please note this is a work in progress — you can see it here.  If you wish to comment or suggest inclusions please do so by emailing alun<at>bssec<dot>org<dot>uk. We will be finalising this by COB on Monday 20th Feb 2012 [deadline extended], so please send any comments you wish considered for inclusion by then. Just drop me an email with your comments and the question number they refer to.


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