Be careful what you wish for…

Further to this post, there is an excellent piece by Paul Gosling in Co-operative  News online, called Sadly, David Davis got it about right on Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ proposal.

In it Gosling analyses the potential risks the co-op and social enterprise movement faces in aligning itself with big public sector mutuals. He also recounts a fascinating snippet, David Davis overheard talking to an FT journalist:

“The corollary of the big society is the smaller state. If you talk about the small state, people think you’re Attila the Hun. If you talk about the big society, people think you’re Mother Teresa.” Mr Davis apparently referred to the Big Society as being the “Blairite dressing” to a cuts agenda…

Food for thought. Thank you Paul Gosling for ripping off the velvet glove to reveal the mailed fist.

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