BCDS Accountancy says “get a social return on your accountancy spend”

BCDS Accountancy UpdatedBirmingham Community Development Scheme Ltd (BCDS) was founded by Clifton Cameron [pictured] in his flat in Lee Bank, Ladywood in February 2011. His aim was to establish an organisation that could support young people who are at risk of offending, including ex-offenders and serving inmates.

BCDS already operates a number of community projects serving Digbeth, Highgate and St Andrews but it also sets up income-generating ventures to help fund this work. BCDS Recruitment is one of these and the organisation has now branched out into accountancy services, setting up BCDS Accountancy to offer quality accountancy at unbeatable prices for local businesses, social enterprises, voluntary groups and individuals.

Whether you’re self-employed, running a small business or growing rapidly into a large local enterprise, BCDS Accounting Service would like the opportunity to tell you more about how it can help you.

Clifton Cameron, CEO

Clifton Cameron, CEO

The company’s aim, says Clifton Cameron, its chief exec, “is to provide professional financial guidance and help ensure that individuals and businesses are compliant with HMRC and legal accounting regulations. But we’re also committed to improving the quality of life in Digbeth, Highgate and Ladywood and the professional services we offer in the marketplace help fund this work. Why not give us a try and get a social return on your accountancy spend?”

Chowdhury Rezaul Islam, Director

Chowdhury Rezaul Islam, Director

To arrange a phone discussion or visit please send mail to Mr Chowdhury Rezaul Islam [pictured] or ring the office at the Saturn Business Centre, Digbeth, on 0121 794 0616 (or 0772 986 3465).

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