ART Business Loans’ community share offer — interested investors have 18 days left

Further to this postART Business Loans has just announced that investors interested in taking advantage of its recent community share offer have just eighteen days left to do so. The share offer closes on the 24th March 2019.

This is a community share offer and is open to businesses, social enterprises and individuals via the Ethex social investment platform. Purchasing shares in ART gives UK tax payers the opportunity to earn 5% per annum of the amount invested as a tax relief over five years.

The purpose of the offer is to raise additional capital for ART to lend to West Midlands businesses that are unable to access any or all of the finance they need from the banks. The minimum investment is £500 and the maximum is £100,000.

Full details of the offer are contained in the share offer document, available on Ethex — HERE. Share purchases must be completed through the Ethex site.

So far, the share offer has raised £130,000.

You can hear more about the share offer in this podcast and this video.

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