Are you wondering what the Big Society will mean in practice? Cabinet Office presentation starts to join the dots

For those wondering what the finer detail of the coalition government’s Big Society plans are starting to look like, you may be interested in these links. The Guardian’s Joe Public blog has a funny and not altogether serious account of Lord Nat Wei’s Maiden Speech in the House of Lords. Wei is the recently ennobled ex-McKinsey consultant who set up charity Teach First. There’s more about Wei’s background here. Wei has been appointed the government’s advisor on how the Big Society will be made flesh.

But you have to dig a bit deeper than this in order to find out what the Big Society might actually mean. Now, here, on the Cabinet Office website there is a press release that sets out what the ‘Whitehall shake-up in drive for efficiency’ will include — and tucked away at the bottom of this page is a PowerPoint presentation about Cabinet Office structural reforms…

And there are two pages in this presentation — slides #6 -1 and 6-2, on pp.10/11 — specifically about Big Society objectives. You might find it more convenient to download a PDF of the slides here.

Now, some of this is hardly news. There’s the Big Society Bank for civil society investment — but this follows on from proposals the previous government had been working on for at least three years… More interesting, I think, is the flavour this starts to give of the emphasis there will be on volunteering and ‘social action’ as key Big Society measures.

If anyone knows of any better documentary sources regarding emerging social enterprise/third sector policy, please do comment and post your links here.

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