The Digbeth Social Enterprise Quarter

The new face of grassroots social enterprise

These social enterprises and entrepreneurs are the new face of grassroots social enterprise in Birmingham:

» They are predominantly young and their workforces are young. People like Martin Hogg and his colleagues at Citizen Coaching and Citizen Click.

» Many are women – people like Birgit Kehrer at Change Kitchen, Emma Dakar at Craftspace (which created the Tales of Migration installation for the opening of the new Library of Birmingham), Erica Barnett and Pat Bend at BITA Pathways (mental health charity, enterprises and education), and Cath Gilliver at SIFA Fireside (homelessness and alcohol misuse).

» And many are from black and ethnic minority communities, people like Albert Smith at Ubuntu CIC (handmade bread and other foods) and Lee Blake at Made By Young People (printing, promo banners, business stationery, hoodies and clothing and the excellent ‘Born in the NHS’ t-shirt).

The Digbeth Social Enterprise Quarter has already received official recognition from Social Enterprise UK, the national body that is awarding Social Enterprise ‘Place’ status and it is hoped may also attract European funding in the future.