A new voice on the blog scene

I love the 60s retro-chic of the Chamber of Commerce — mainly because I have a soft spot for its architect, the gloriously named John Hardcastle Dalton Madin, who died earlier this month.

Anyway, that’s really neither here nor there… I was at the Chamber to have breakfast with Vicki Fitzgerald, chief exec of Gateway Family Services, which is now based at the Chamber, and we were having an extremely interesting discussion about why blogs should be considered “proper work”, perhaps especially by CEOs who need to create a stronger profile for their organisation and a recognisable “public voice” for themselves.

Because the advent of blogging and tweeting and other social media really have changed expectations regarding what managers and leaders will do to raise the profile of their organisations and get clear, strong messages out there. Sadly, for most chief execs this just represents another burden in an already overstretched working life, which is a shame because I have become convinced that blogging really can help put a human face on an organisation (it can even help put a human face on some chief execs).

Anyway, Vicki obviously went away thinking hard about our conversation and followed it up with an excellent post about why innovators should be “target specifiers” and not just target followers. You can read it here.


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