Importance of Data: ICO Annual Track 2016

IoD Screenshot

Data is an essential part of any charity or social enterprise’s work and it’s important that data is kept organised, safe and secure, but how do the general public feel about their data? In the latest ICO Annual Track (2016) survey the public report that National Health is one of the top social issues that adults are concerned about, NHS being the top. According to the survey, adults have little confidence in the current state of the data economy however, if people had trust in how data is managed and used, they are more likely to share it with you.

With only 1 in 4 UK adults trusting businesses with their personal information it is easy to see that the importance of data and security should be key in any organisation, therefore, it is vital to keep your data stored in a safe place and used in an appropriate way to benefit the person.

PSIAMS Systems are currently  running their “Digital Transformation” Campaign and are holding a special event on 3rd November 2016 called “Transformation & Social Value” – Register today to learn more about how data can transform your organisation.

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