100 truths about social enterprise

Over on POPSE (the pop-up social enterprise think-tank) there is a very funny — and illuminating — list of 100 truths about social enterprise. After some initial scepticism (I don’t really believe there  are a hundred revealed truths about anything, let alone social enterprise) I really enjoyed these. The humour redeems them.

Some of my favourites…

  • Newsflash: your social network for a niche community won’t fund itself by advertising
  • Beware the ‘self-styled’ social entrepreneur; this normally means s/he is more about ‘self’ and ‘style’
  • If a pound was donated each time a social entrepreneur quoted Gandhi, no-one would need to fundraise
  • Teach too many men to fish and you screw up the entire marine ecosystem and deplete the fish stocks

Thanks to James at iSE for the pointer.


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