Why Concept is Twittering!

On the 22nd July 2009, Concept Conference Centre uttered its first ‘tweet’… and so we entered the world of Social Networking. Since then we have ‘tweeted’ a further 22 times and built up relationships with lots of other Twitters!

So why are we Twittering?

We have 7000+ visitors through Concept every year and we wanted an easy and simple way to be able to stay in touch with them; we also wanted to reach out to people and organisations that share an interest in what we are about. It is early days but we are starting to see the benefits already:

• We are building a whole new network
• New customers are asking about us
• Suppliers are approaching us with products and business ideas
• We are finding out things we didn’t know
• It’s a great free way to market our business

If you can use the internet – you can Twitter! So why not join us, our username is Concept_CC

To find out more about Twitter and how it can help your business visit:


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  1. Alun Severn Reply

    Mark – Interesting example about how a social enterprise can derive business benefits (and, it appears, some fun too!?) from social networking. Well done.

  2. Paul Hanna Reply

    I am following you now. Will re-tweet anything interesting to my 400+ followers.

    Best wishes


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