Ticket offer for META-Health Conference, 12th-14th September, Solihull

META-Health Conference 2014

There’s still time to book a one, two or three day ticket to the 6th International META-Health Conference, which opens in Solihull on Friday 12th September.  And if you book online using the codes below you’ll get a discount.

If you’re interested in health and wellbeing, either personally or professionally, don’t miss this opportunity to hear and question the world’s leading thinkers, practitioners and trainers in META-Health – an integrated bio-psycho-social approach to understanding the triggers of many common conditions, including metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer, obesity and high blood pressure.

The conference programme is designed to take you on a journey, considering a new paradigm in health care and how to build a bridge between existing approaches and an integrative approach, which supports the mind in healing the body.

1 day ticket = £157
1 day – 88581 (save £11)

2 day ticket = £297
2 day – 88581 (save £21)

3 day ticket = £397
3 day – 88581 (save £30)

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